National Juvenile Myopia Prevention and Control Campaign: Wuhan 21st Middle School

Source: www.moe.gov.cn

During a long break between classes at Wuhan 21st Middle School, students do a basketball workout to keep fit and prevent myopia. To gain firsthand insight into entrenched problems faced by China’s educational system, staff from the MOE Public Information Office visited Wuhan 21st Middle School in Hubei province on October 30, to observe the influence of measures introduced to prevent and control juvenile myopia, as part of a communications campaign entitled “Education Endeavor 1+1”. Wuhan 21st Middle School boasts strong basketball training programs, and its physical education faculty designed a basketball exercise, allowing each student to develop physical skills with a basketball and encourage a healthy environment in the school. [Photo/Zhang Jinsong; Caption/Wang Wei]

Students do eye exercises to ease eye fatigue. [Photo/Zhang Jinsong; Caption/Wang Wei]

Opticians from Wuhan mobile student eye test team examine students’ eyesight with smart vision testers, which can upload data to a digital monitoring system, assess results and deliver diagnoses of myopia. The team provides the service to schools once a year and maintains student eyesight records to be able to raise an alert if developing myopia is detected. [Photo/Zhang Jinsong; Caption/Wang Wei]