Improving undergraduate education: Sichuan University

Source: www.moe.gov.cn

Professor Huang Zongxian, Dean of the Sichuan University College of Art, lectures students on Chinese culture and art, including vivid insight into Chinese art history and intricate descriptions of famous paintings, sculptures and other classic artworks. To gain firsthand insight into entrenched problems faced by China’s educational system, staff from the MOE Public Information Office visited Sichuan University on June 20, to observe the impact of measures introduced to improve undergraduate education in the university, as part of a communications campaign entitled “Education Endeavor 1+1”. [Photo/Zhang Jinsong; Caption/Li Na]

Ms. Hu Na at West China School of Medicine/West China Hospital gives a lecture on medical imaging, using chronic bone joint disease as an example. To optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of lectures, she uses an innovative approach to testing where students are able to self-assess what they have learnt from a lecture by scanning a QR code. [Photo/Zhang Jinsong; Caption/Li Na]

Ms. Lai Xuefei at School of Chemical Engineering of Sichuan University talks to students about science competitions as a stimulus to foster student engagement in class. [Photo/Zhang Jinsong; Caption/Li Na]

Mr. Zhou Jiabei at School of Chemical Engineering of Sichuan University uses Mixed Reality [MR] to optimize student learning experiences. By wearing MR glasses, teaching materials can be seen in 3D, making lectures much fun. [Photo/Zhang Jinsong; Caption/Li Na]

Mr. Yang Jun at the College of Life Sciences of Sichuan University gives a lecture on Cell biology through online teacher-student interaction. [Photo/Zhang Jinsong; Caption/Li Na]

Mr. Wei Xiaoyong at the College of Computer Science of Sichuan University uses a drone to check class attendance and track the facial expression of students to assess teaching effectiveness and thereby adapt teaching methods during the course. [Photo/Zhang Jinsong; Caption/Li Na]