Extracurricular Activities: Huarong Primary School in the Tianhe District of Guangzhou

Source: www.moe.gov.cn

Students play the melodica as part of their wind instrument music class at the Huarong Primary School. In order to gain clearer insight into the persistent challenges faced by education at the frontline, MOE Public Information Office staff visited Huarong Primary School in Guangzhou on May 23. During the visit, officials were able to see firsthand the type of after-school activities that were being made available to students, and how they were organized by the school, as part of a communications campaign entitled “Education Endeavor 1+1”. By recruiting teachers from partner institutions, Huarong Primary School has been able to offer a wide range of quality programs, providing both relief to parents unable to collect their children straight after school and allowing children to develop new interests. [Photo/Zhong Jianfen]

The Huarong Primary School cheerleading team practicing its pompom dance. [Photo/Zhong Jianfen]

The Huarong Primary School Grades 3-6 girls dance ensemble rehearsing a Chinese dance. [Photo/Zhong Jianfen]

Dance teacher Yang Yue instructing the Huarong Primary School dance ensemble. [Photo/Zhong Jianfen]

Chen Haiguang explaining to pupils the role of the “horse” in Chinese chess. [Photo/Zhong Jianfen]

Dribbling practice for the Huarong Primary School girls’ football team. [Photo/Zhong Jianfen]

Pupils practicing the violin as part of the Huarong Primary School string instrument music class. [Photo/Zhong Jianfen]