The International Version of National Smart Education Platform


China unveiled the international version of its National Smart Education Platform ( at the 2024 World Digital Education Conference (WDEC) on Jan. 30.

The platform, which was created with assistance from the Ministry of Education, accords with China’s pledge at the UN Educational Summit and with UNESCO’s mission. In keeping with the 3Cs principle (connection, content, cooperation), the platform aims to provide universal access to integrated, intelligent, international-class digital education. The platform offers a unique learning environment, free learning services customized to each user’s needs, and a collection of excellent digital educational resources.

Available in all six UN official languages, the platform is divided into three sections: news, resources, and government services. With an emphasis on global digital education, the news section offers the most recent advances from the world’s leading educational fora. About 780 courses in various subject areas are available in the resources section, which also links students to online museum resources. Exam information is provided by the government services section for students who are studying either in China or overseas.

The launch of the platform demonstrates China’s dedication to promoting global collaboration in digital education and building an inclusive society.