GDEI and China Smart Education Development Report (2023)


Li Yongzhi, President of the China Academy of Educational Sciences, unveiled two important reports—the Global Digital Education Development Index (GDEI) and the China Smart Education Development Report (2023)—at the closing session of the 2024 World Digital Education Conference (WDEC) on Jan. 31.

The GDEI, which was developed by the Chinese Academy of Education Sciences (CASE), is a powerful assessment tool for tracking the progress of digital education worldwide. It distinguishes five evolutionary stages, ranging from initial transformation to AI integration, that reflect different levels of technological advancement across six key dimensions.

According to the GDEI, China has risen from 24th to 9th place in the index rankings over the last three years, thanks to advances in digital resource utilization, digital literacy, and IT infrastructure development. Notably, China has created the world’s largest portal for educational resources—the National Wisdom Education Public Service Platform.

The China Smart Education Development Report (2023) describes China’s forward-looking policy network and highlights 20 exemplary cases from various educational domains. It outlines five strategic paths and highlights emerging trends in global digital education.

Li stressed that finding tailored development pathways is more important than index rankings. He also said he believes China’s success in digital education can serve as a model for other countries.