Compilation of International Digital Education Cases


The 2024 World Digital Education Conference (WDEC), held Jan. 30–31 in Shanghai, concluded with a significant announcement. During the conference’s closing ceremony, Qin Changwei, Secretary General of the Chinese National Commission for UNESCO, released the Compilation of International Digital Education Cases.

The compilation, which was prepared by the UNESCO Chair on Artificial Intelligence in Education at Beijing Normal University under the guidance of China’s National Commission for UNESCO, includes 55 cases from 35 countries and territories across five continents. It comprises digital education practices at the national, community, and school levels, with 19 cases honored with prestigious prizes, such as the UNESCO Prize for Informatization in Education and the Wenhui Prize for Educational Innovation in the Asia-Pacific Region.

The cases are classified according to six themes: fostering interconnected learning environments; sharing quality resources; facilitating the integration of digital technology and education; promoting digital literacy; creating an inclusive digital learning system; and providing access to education for the most marginalized groups.

The compilation serves as a valuable resource for nations seeking to enhance their digital education programs. It provides insights into the wide range of participants involved in digital education, the inclusive nature of digital resources, the rapid pace of technological advancement, and the vast potential for collaboration.