Zhang Boli: hats off to the young people fighting the Coronavirus

Source: Weiyan Education WeChat Official Account

Under the solid leadership of the CPC with Xi Jinping at its core, Chinese people united together to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic since its outbreak last year. Especially, Chinese healthcare workers have shown remarkable professional dedication, doing their best to save every life that they can. Thanks to their incredible efforts, the pandemic is now well-contained in our country.

What struck me most is the exceptional performance by the young healthcare workers. Most of them are in their 30s, some in their 20s, and quite many of them are even under 20. These young people account for 70% of the whole health workforce involved in the fight against Coronavirus, and the majority of them are the only child of the family. At first we were a little worried if they could handle this unprecedented crisis. But they turned out to demonstrate tremendous resilience, courage and selflessness.

What also touched my heart is Chinese people’s self-discipline, efficient execution and selflessness, and their confidence and trust in the leadership of the CPC. Last year, I went to Wuhan as a member of medical assistance team. On the first day of my arrival, a man in his 30s came to pick me up in his own car. He is an entrepreneur from Heilongjiang Province. During the outbreak of pandemics, he drove himself to Wuhan, a city 2000 kilometer away from his hometown, and worked as a volunteer. I asked him, “So who will pay you for your car’s fuel?” “It’s all at my own expense,” he said. When I arrived at the hospital, I got off from his car and expressed my thankfulness. He replied, “Same to you. We are only doing our share to help the country.”

I’d like to point out that all those who have made their contribution in the fight against the pandemic, whether on the frontline or behind the scenes, are the most lovable and respected persons. Now the disease is under effective control in China, but we still face intense pressure to prevent new entry of the virus from foreign countries and avoid a rebound within the country. Therefore we should continue to take both routinized and ad hoc prevention and control measures. We should also continue to follow the practices that have been proven effective in the past, such as avoiding crowds, wearing a mask, cleaning hands, and keeping rooms well ventilated. I firmly believe we will gain a complete victory in the end!