Higher Education

Qiu Yong: promoting Higher Education Towards Technological Self-Reliance

Source: Guangming Daily

Quality is the lifeline of education. The key to realizing the goal of building China into an educational powerhouse by 2035 lies in creating a quality educational system and stepping up educational modernization.

The desired educational system must be guided by an overarching mission, that is, producing well-rounded individuals committed to the socialist cause and national rejuvenation. Only by sticking to this mission, accompanied by persistent efforts, can the education system play its fundamental, guiding and systemic role in advancing Chinese nation towards regeneration. In particular, quality higher education is mission-critical and essential for achieving a high level of national self-reliance and self-improvement, as it is an important indicator of a nation’s development status and potential, and innovativeness.

The key to improving the quality of higher education lies in inspiring innovation and nurturing innovative talent, as well as in conducting high-level international exchanges and cooperation. Tsinghua University will keep reforming itself into a more innovative, coordinated, green, open and sharing institution of higher learning, in order to make fresh and greater contributions to national development and rejuvenation as well as the progress of mankind.