Press Release

China celebrates 37th Teachers' Day

Source: China Education Daily

Recently governments and schools at all level in China held a variety of activities to celebrate the upcoming 37th Teachers Day, which falls on September 10. 

As this year coincides with the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), learning party history was a central part of the celebration. In China's southeastern province of Fujian, schools are encouraged to host activities in the form of seminars, training, lessons and class meetings to help teachers and students deepen their understanding of the history of the CPC, the People’s Republic of China, the reform and opening up and the development of socialism. 

Awards and prizes were designed to recognize teachers who have made exceptional contribution to their profession and become role models to motivate and inspire their peers. In Jiyuan Industry-City Integration Demonstration Zone (hereinafter referred to as Jiyuan), awards were conferred to 20 families of educators, 15 role model teachers and 100 excellent teachers and teaching professionals. From 20:00 to 21:00 on September 10, many buildings and screens in cities of Guangxi Province will be lit up, showing words of appreciation to teachers. 

A series of favorable policies and incentive schemes are developed to bring substantial benefits to teachers and improve the attractiveness of the teaching profession. In recent years, Ningbo, a city along the eastern coast of China, adjusted its teacher salary structure, tilting toward head teachers, teachers performing frontline duties and teachers with outstanding achievements. The Ningbo government also confer certificates of appreciation for teachers who have served for more than 30 years. In Henan Province, a project with an annual investment of RMB 1 million was launched to step up professional development and training for young teachers, aiming to prepare excellent young teachers to become leading experts in different academic subjects. In Jiyuan, the minimum allowance standard was raised for rural teachers, especially for teachers working in the mountainous regions. 

“By providing strong policy support, raising the salary and social status of teachers, improving their workplace conditions, and offering more on-the-job training opportunities, we hope to increase teachers' sense of fulfillment and satisfaction, and foster a social environment where the teaching profession is widely respected,” said a senior official from Jiyuan.