Press Release

Qingdao to celebrate teachers with over 10 years’ experience

Source: China Education Daily

To instill in young educators a love for their profession and express appreciation for veterans with ten-plus years of experience, the Qingdao Education Bureau has decided to introduce rituals to honor kindergarten, and primary and secondary school teachers on major occasions each year, such as Teachers’ Day.  

Honorary certificates will be awarded to teachers with over 10, 20 or 30 years of experience in recognition of their contributions at a ceremony attended by student and parent representatives. Award-winners will be invited to give a teaching demonstration to their younger colleagues. Their achievements will be made known and story told to the general public. For retiring teachers, their last class will be turned into a special occasion to celebrate their life-long service, followed by a retirement ceremony, where they’ll be presented a retirement certificate or an album (or a badge), and souvenirs.

According to Liu Pengzhao, director of the Qingdao Education Bureau, such rituals are designed to motivate teachers and build stronger respect for teachers and education among the public.