China Exemplary Educators 2021

Wang Danfeng


Wang Danfeng, born in October 1966, is a teacher at the Central Vocational School in Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province.

She has been working as a vocational teacher for 31 years and played a leadership role in several reform programs, including the development of modern apprentice model, school-enterprise cooperation mechanism, and workshops and labs. Over the past decade, she has also used weekends and holidays to offer free instruction to students attending the provincial skill competition (hotel studies), many of whom won awards. After the outbreak of COVID-19, she provided engaging online courses, which received positive feedback from over 10,000 students and were evaluated as provincial-level top-ranked courses. 

In addition, she has also delivered train-the-trainer sessions to improve teaching skills of young teachers, and won the provincial-level “Model Teacher” and “Famous Teacher” Awards.