China Exemplary Educators 2021

Zhou Yipeng


Zhou Yipeng, born in September 1974, is a professor at the Nuclear Resources and Environmental Engineering Technology Center of the East China University of Technology. 

He has worked in the Gobi Desert in Xinjiang far away from home for 15 years, studying and teaching nuclear technology. Each year, he conducts field work for up to nine months, regardless of extreme heat or cold in the desert. By overcoming many hardships, he finally led his team to build China’s first uranium in situ leach mining base, contributing significantly to the green extraction of uranium ore. He also moved classes to the base and trained a large number of technical talents, many of whom have become senior engineers in the field of nuclear energy.

He has won several honorary titles and prizes, such as the national “Lei Feng pacesetter”, the second prize of Jiangxi Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, and Jiangxi Provincial “Educator of the Year”.