China Exemplary Educators 2021

Li Longmei


Li Longmei, born in December 1964, is the principal of the Chongqing Special Education Center. 

She has devoted herself to special education for 20 years, and developed a collaborative teacher workforce with high moral values and professional competence. Her school aims to build confidence in visually impaired children and help them live in dignity through acquisition and application of knowledge and skills. To date, over 320 graduates from the school had continued study in higher education institutions.

Over the past decade, she and all other teachers in her school have kept conducting home visits, which amounted to 300 trips covering over 30,000 kilometers in 30 districts and counties of Chongqing City.


To facilitate well-rounded development of children with special needs, she has also taken efforts to cultivate their diversified talents, including establishing a symphony orchestra, rope skipping teams and cheerleading teams. She has won a number of honorary titles, such as national “March 8th Red-Banner Pacesetter”, and “Model Teacher” and “Moral Exemplar” in Chongqing.