China Exemplary Educators 2021

Li Hongbo


Li Hongbo, born in April 1972, is a teacher at the Guizhou Nursing Vocational College. 

She has made remarkable contribution to poverty alleviation and rural rejuvenation. Even during the recovery period after a cancer surgery, she volunteered to work in remote and relatively impoverished Taijiang County in Guizhou Province, to help establish and improve a nursing program at the Taijiang County Secondary Vocational School. She has also actively explored ways of reforming vocational education. Thanks to her efforts, 18 of her students and 16 of teachers who received targeted support from her were granted awards at national, provincial and prefecture levels. 

She proposed an efficient and robust student management system that addresses issues such as learning difficulties, financial problems, and care for “left-behind” students (underage students who have been left behind in rural areas while one or both of their parents left to work in cities). The system significantly promoted active learning and helped reduce the dropout rates to zero. She has won the honorary titles such as the “National May 1 Women’s Pacesetter”.