Calling on experts to guide and assist farmers in wealth creation

Source: Guangming Daily

Song Bao'an, NPC representative, Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and President of Guizhou University:

To offer guidance and assistance to farmers in spring farming, Guizhou University published a list of 100 experts along with their contact information and released a series of new land preparation and ploughing technologies over mobile platforms amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The university also provided full support to the industrial development of vegetables, ecological stockbreeding, tea, and edible fungi in poverty-stricken counties, by signing strategic cooperation agreements with local governments. Additionally, it called on faculties and students to participate directly in the fight against the epidemic and poverty. Over 600 experts and professors and more than 1,000 doctoral graduates have provided field advice to local farmers, helping them to solve technology related problems in agricultural production and train more skilled talent for careers in farming.

In future, the university will offer assistance to farmers in selecting the right industrial technologies. By making greater efforts to ensure industrial chains are matched with knowledge supply chains, it calls on experts to focus on providing guidance and assistance to farmers in income-generating activities and conduct research on the difficulties and problems faced by farmers in production.”