Strengthening family-school partnerships to support student mental health

Source: People’s Daily

Wang Huan, CPPCC National Committee Member, President of Beijing Shijia Education Group:

“The past few years have seen a rise in the number of parents expressing concern about the mental health of their children, while schools have also been encountering new challenges in this regard,” said Wang Huan, president of the Beijing Shijia Education Group. In response to this, Wang has suggested that schools and families should work closely together in order to improve the understanding of both sides of pedagogical theory and practice, and build schools where families and pedagogy are part of a special relationship, with projects that showcase these strong ties.

Wang explained that these showcase projects should demonstrate how students, families and schools can form part of a whole: the synergy from this integration could then contribute to raising awareness and helping students grow and develop. To this end, Wang added that schools should organize training for teachers which would cover family education, psychology and other social science issues, and be coupled with online and offline parent-teacher initiatives and consultations, mental health support sessions, and seminars devoted to examining family education case studies.