Bright outlook for career development in Liangshan

Source: China Education Daily

Dajiu Mujia, CPPCC National Committee Member and Director of the Standing Committee of the Liangshan Prefecture People’s Congress in Sichuan Province:

College graduates looking for a job offering guaranteed career development should think about settling in Liangshan.

While poor geographical conditions have mired Liangshan in extreme poverty, and hindered local economic development, shaking off poverty has been a common dream for generations of people in Liangshan.

To this end, a poverty alleviation task force has been visiting villagers out among the prefecture’s mountains, every day to help them realize this dream. For villagers of Butuo resettled in a new neighbourhood in Jinyang County, their dream came true overnight: days without access to electricity have become a thing of the past. Electricity means access to TV, and beacons of light pointing to a prosperous future. Thanks to targeted programs and the hard work of local poverty alleviation task forces, the living conditions of the Yi people are being substantially improved day by day.