China unveils exemplary deeds of the “Most Beautiful Teachers” of 2020


The Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and the MOE jointly announced the “Most Beautiful Teachers” of 2020, an honor given to outstanding teachers to commend their dedication and achievements, and made their exploits known to the public as China observed its 36th Teachers’ Day on September 10.

The laureates comprise 11 individuals: Zhang Wenhong, Wang Yi, Qi Faren, Gao Wenming, Zhang Jie, Wang Xiuxiu, Liu Xiuxiang, Jiang Chunling, Wang Fei, Hua Yuchen, and Ma Wenyan, as well as a team engaged in a program supporting education in the remote, poverty-stricken area of Liangshan in southwest China. These are role models from across the entire education sector, from higher education, vocational education and basic education to preschool education and special education, who have been working on the frontline of schools and whose high moral qualities and outstanding achievements in teaching have set a strong example for others.

A ceremony was held at the China Media Group in Beijing, where promotional videos about the exemplary deeds of the “Most Beautiful Teachers” were played while winners of the title were awarded certificates of honor by officials from the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and the MOE. 

The commended teachers expressed determination to stay true to their initial motivations for entering the education profession and their mission to train talent for the Party and the country, and also committed to work harder as a counsellor and guide to students and build a larger supply of all-round youth who are well prepared to join the socialist cause. The “Most Beautiful Teachers” represented the highest in teachers’ morality and ethics and exemplified the best of their respective fields. Their outstanding work will inspire more teachers to strive for excellence and make greater contribution to accelerating the modernization of education, empowering the nation through education, and offering quality education that meets people’s expectations.