China Exemplary Educators 2020

Dou Guimei


Dou Guimei’s name is familiar to many. Though wearing lots of hats, including nationally renowned expert in Chinese with a PhD in education and the 16th Principal of the Primary School affiliated to Tsinghua University, she insists on being identified first and foremost as a teacher. Playing a leading role in China’s eighth wave of curriculum reform, she and her team twice won the First Prize of the National Awards for Teaching Achievements in Elementary Education. By renovating approaches to poverty alleviation through education, they designed and delivered “1+X” model demonstration classes online via the Internet to students at 3,800 remote-learning centers of 900 poverty-stricken counties. Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, they stood up the challenge to provide 816 live-streamed classes to tens of millions of children around the country. During her 34-year career as a teacher, Dou has never failed to impress her students, teachers and staff.