China Exemplary Educators 2020

Gao Hang


Mathematics professor Gao Hang enjoys demystifying math for students. During his 30 years of teaching, he managed to transform the usually poor reputation of math as something hard and boring, into something fun and exciting. Gao celebrates and nurtures individuality and creativity among his students, allowing them to find their own strengths and develop at their own pace. As a teacher trainer preparing future primary and secondary school teachers for the classroom, he has been dedicated to producing high-achieving math learners so that they can set their own students up for success in math class. He makes sure his trainees fully understand the natural link between advanced math and high school math and learn the problem-solving skills they need to tackle new problems. He believes in the power of education for poverty alleviation. He has visited some 100 schools in more than 30 poorest counties in northeast China, providing training for nearly 10,000 basic education teachers.