China Exemplary Educators 2020

Sun Hao


After graduating from university, Sun Hao chose to become a teacher at the primary school he used to study in—Bianhe Central Primary School. Located in a poor rural area, the school is the second home to many “left-behind” children, whose parents have gone to work in urban areas. Sun spent a lot of time chatting and playing games with them, giving them ample emotional support to help relieve the grief of long-time separation from parents.

Despite limited access to educational resources in rural areas, Sun tried his best to keep up with the current trends in education by extensive reading and self-learning IT teaching tools and technologies. In a provincial-level education conference, he executed a very well-received demonstration lesson which showed a sophisticated integration of classroom teaching and IT skills. He is also the youngest special-grade teacher in Suzhou City, and the youngest teacher in Anhui Province to be awarded the title of “Top Rising Stars in Education”.