China Exemplary Educators 2020

Zhang Yunge


Zhang Yunge has been teaching ideological and political theory since 1985. Over the past 35 years, he has remained true to his original ideal of pursuing excellence in teaching and counseling students. All of the courses he taught were rated highly in classroom teaching quality evaluations, one of which, “Introduction to the Basic Principles of Marxism” has been among his students’ favorite courses, representing the highest level of ideological and political theory teaching in Hainan University. Zhang and his team spent 11 years exploring a practice-based pedagogical model, which has been broadly promoted and applied since 2014 as part of the University’s pedagogical reform outcomes and received a range of prestigious awards later. In his students’ eyes, Zhang is a strict teacher instructing and influencing others by words and deeds, who is also amicable and easily approachable outside the class, willing to assist a student’s progress in any way he can.