China Exemplary Educators 2020

He Mei


He Mei is a young teacher with 14 years’ experience. She first taught in a primary school in 2006 and transferred to her current kindergarten position in 2012. Although the transition was tough, it took her only one year to successfully complete the role change from a layperson to a professional in preschool education. Upholding her career aspirations, she treats pupils as her own children, giving them tender care and great patience. She believes in the power of professional support and the right mindset underlying any teaching effort. Clearly aware of her knowledge gaps, she never stops learning to increase her mastery level in preschool education. Her persistent drive and passion have encouraged and inspired her colleagues to achieve more and better results for pupils. On July 12 when an earthquake of magnitude of 4.5 hit the county, He Mei dashed on bravely regardless of perils to protect her class and ensured their safety. After that, she was widely reported as “the most beautiful teacher rushing headfirst into danger”.