Release of at-a-glance statistical data on 2018 spending in education


Recently, the MOE released an at-a-glance summary of the latest statistics available for spending in education, in 2018. According to the published data, national spending on education totaled RMB 4.6135 trillion in 2018, marking an 8.39% increase on the previous year, while funds channeled into education through national finance in 2018 reached RMB 3.699 trillion, an 8.95% increase on 2017. General public operating expenditure for preschool education, compulsory education, high school education, tertiary education and other special education increased 7.96%, 45.21%, 15.57%, 26.04% and 5.22%, respectively. Public funding per student in kindergartens, primary schools, junior middle schools, senior middle schools, secondary vocational schools, and higher education institutions increased 8.93%, 4.56%, 5.32%, 10.04%, 7.45% and 8.42%, respectively.

The release of the summary was the first step in a three-part process for publishing national educational spending data in accordance with the Opinion of the Ministry of EducationNational Bureau of Statistics and Ministry of Finance on Strengthening and Improving Statistics on Educational Funding, issued in 2016. The second and third steps will see the release of a statistical bulletin and yearbook, containing relevant national and provincial level data.