Cooperation & Exchanges

The Cooperation and Exchanges with the Asian & African Countries


The Chinese government attaches great importance to the cooperation and exchanges with the Asian & African countries in the filed of education. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, the friendship between China and countries in Asia & Africa has been developed remarkably. The scale and scope of the cooperation and exchanges in the field of education have been enlarged increasingly. So far, the educational agreements have been signed between China and more than 40 Asian & African countries, including Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, South Africa, and Kenya. Mutual visits of delegations, exchanges of students and scholars, inter-institutional collaboration, the exchange of teaching materials and cooperation in language teaching and academic research have all witness remarkable expansion.

The Division of Asian & African Affairs is responsible for organizing and coordinating the bilateral cooperation and exchanges with the Asian & African countries. It takes the lead in drawing up, negotiating about, signing and implementing the bilateral educational agreements with the Asian & African countries; organizing, implementing, managing and coordinating the governmental cooperative projects; receiving governmental senior delegations from Asian & African countries and sending Chinese governmental delegations to Asian & African countries. In addition, it also assumes the responsibility of seeking the endowments and donations from governments, institutes and individuals from Asian & African countries. At present, the major ongoing cooperative projects between China with countries in Asian & African include the teacher exchange program with Japan and South Korea, the teenager exchange program with Japan, the cooperative project with Japan Society for Promotion of Science, the cooperative project with African countries, and the cooperative project with Industrial Vocational Institute, Yemen Sana'a.