China Exemplary Educators 2018


Heihumiao Primary School of Gaoqiu Town, Zhenping County in Nanyang, Henan Province

Mr. Zhang has doggedly remained in his teaching position located in a remote mountainous region, hoping to make a difference to the lives of rural students. Though living on a meagre income himself, he has supported up to 300 students over 17 years. For 5 years, he carried textbooks to students using a shoulder pole for lack of proper means of transport to his primary school. When faced with a shortage of specialist subject teachers, he simply doubled his hours to teach himself all the subjects to cover the shortfall: from Language and Literature, Mathematics and English, to Science and Moral Education.

ZHOU Qilin
Nankai University
member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Combining Academic Excellence and A Passion for Teaching

Professor Zhou has always believed that education should be an integral part of scientific research and everyday life. For over two decades, he has both headed a research team and pursued his own original research, always remembering that he was, first and foremost, a teacher whose major job was to guide students on their journey of discovery through the beautiful world of chemistry and molecules.

ZHANG Jianhua
Dayuan Primary School in the Dayuan Village, Fuping County, Hebei Province

Contentment in the Remote Taihang Mountains

Worn-out desks and chairs, a tatty building constructed from adobe bricks in a remote poverty-stricken village were unable to dampen Ms. Zhang' s passion for teaching. Ms. Zhang has devoted the past 25 years of her life to be both a teacher and a loving friend, in the hope giving generations of children the chance to get an all-rounded education in a climate of happiness and encouragement.

YING Caiyun
Benxi Road Kindergarten in the Yangpu District, Shanghai

Were Children to Be the Sky, I Would Be a Cloud

There are no hard-and-fast benchmarks to measure what teachers bring to children in pre-school learning, and yet the impressions, values and skills that these children will go away with are likely to stay with them for the rest of their lives. This is precisely what Ms. Ying believes: “Children are the sky, and I am a cloud - I always want children to rise above everything and I, as a cloud, will do everything to keep the sky pure and beautiful”.

ZHU Huiqiu
Jiangxi Vocational College of Ceramic Arts and Crafts

Guardian of Traditional Ceramic Art

As a teacher of overglaze enamelling, a national intangible cultural heritage, Mr. Zhu is a staunch advocate of “allowing artefacts to express exceptional aesthetic values and pursuing superb craftsmanship to make contributions to society”. He created his own specialist training model to take a fresh approach to cultivating the next generations of experts in traditional art and craftsmanship, and offers training to vocational students, ensuring they can acquire techniques that will enable them to be self-reliant.

LV Wenqiang
Pingdu Zhaoyang Middle School in Qingdao, Shandong Province

The Careful Gardener

LV Wenqing has devoted his entire career to education. For every new set of pupils, he would give each a number, with the last being for himself, as he always considered himself to be a member of the class. Throughout his teaching life, he has shared the joys and disappointments of all his students and repeatedly and willingly given a hand to those in need, offering them the hope and encouragement they needed to progress.

LU Guiying
Hainan Commercial School in Haikou, Hainan Province

Teaching Morality with Love

Ms. Lu has been teaching for 30 years with an unwavering commitment to education. Not only is she rigorous, she is also gentle and guiding in her work. Her diligent approach has brought her school forward to new levels and contributed substantially to the development of morality education in Hainan Province.

DANG Hongni
Shangluo City Special School, Shaanxi Province

Devotion to Those with Special Needs

DANG Hongni is an ordinary special education teacher who has accomplished the extraordinary, by enlightening and nurturing her students with respect, love and care.

YANG Maoji
No. 2 High School in Datong County, Xining, Qinghai Province

Everybody' s Favourite “Mama Maoji”

YANG Maoji, a teacher for 22 years, has been for many of her students a mother-like figure. To help 6 of her underprivileged students with limited family support, she once accommodated them in her home, selflessly taking care of them and tutoring for their homework, to help them realise their full potential in national exams so that they could get enrolled in a university. Thanks to the devotion of “Mama Maoji”, all of these students have managed to make their dreams a reality.

YU Jiong
Xinjiang University

Changing the Lives of Students in Remote Areas

During a career spanning 30-years, YU Jiong has successfully nurtured generations of ethnic minority students and students from remote areas to become much sought-after software professionals. He said: “To become a qualified teacher, one must have a strong sense of responsibility and mission, and be a person of integrity and great knowledge. Teaching is only the means; a solid education is the ultimate purpose.”

Teaching Force in Figures

Total: 16.2689 million

Pre-school education: 2.4321 million
Compulsory education: 9.4936 million
Special education: 56,000
Upper Secondary education: 2.6156 million
Higher education: 1.6572 million
Adult education and literacy programs: 309,300
Note: The graph is based on available data from the Statistical Report on China's Educational Achievements in 2017. Figures may not add up due to rounding.