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MOE: Striving to improve education in a new era

2018-09-13 10:19:00

The National Education Conference was first of its kind convened under the guidance of XI Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era, and set a new direction, overall approach and plans for educational reform, whilst opening a new chapter in the modernization of education. Those working in education are thereby called upon to fully implement guidance from the conference, and strive to improve education by:

(i) Espousal of the right political direction, reflecting XI Jinping Thought and ensuring students follow suite;

(ii) Erection of a comprehensive education system that focuses on quality education by vigorously promoting moral education, carrying forward the fine traditions of the Chinese nation and strengthening all-round education;

(iii) Increasing educational equity for all students by tackling issues such as enrollment, tuition and fees, school selection, class size and student workload, and offering special support to less-privileged students (e.g. students who are from financially strapped families, disabled or left behind in rural areas while their parents move to cities to work or urban migrant students), accelerating educational development in minority-populated areas and implementing more effectively the policy of targeted poverty alleviation through education; and

(iv) Deepening of educational reform through various measures including overhauling the examination and admissions system, improving school management and operational mechanisms and building an innovative and forward-looking compulsory education system, to provide strong impetus to educational development.

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