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Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region: Stepping up efforts to improve education in minority-populated areas

2018-09-13 09:49:00

In line with the guidance from the National Education Conference, Guangxi will enhance the Party’s full leadership over all education-related initiatives and work relentlessly to improve education in five aspects, including:

(i) Strengthening policy support and providing more financial resources to education, e.g. formulating local regulations on education improvement and channeling 73 billion RMB to eight projects aimed for supporting educational development in minority-populated areas;

(ii) Ensuring balanced development of education at all levels and of all types, including: a) building 550 state-run kindergartens by 2020 to make preschool education universal; b) pushing forward the standardized construction of compulsory education schools with a focus on the construction of small rural schools and rural boarding schools; c) increasing resources for the construction of high schools, especially model high schools in minority counties; d) developing vocational education bases for the transmission of traditional cultures of ethnic minority groups; and e) optimizing the structure of academic disciplines and degree programs in higher education institutions;

(iii) Implementing targeted training programs for rural primary teachers while giving priority to filling the gaps in the number of teachers required in rural schools of minority-populated areas and for desperately-needed subjects;

(iv) Taking targeted poverty alleviation measures to promote educational equity, e.g. establishing a support system covering all education levels for less privileged students; and

(v) Carrying out the opening-up policy and facilitating educational exchange with ASEAN countries to unleash vitality of education in the region.

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