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Premier Li addresses national education conference

2018-09-12 09:05:00

Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Central Political Bureau and Premier of the State Council, delivered a speech at a national education conference held in Beijing on September 10, 2018, stressing the need to put priority on education.

Premier Li said compulsory education was the foundation of China’s education. As such, it is necessary to ensure an even development of education in both urban and rural areas. Efforts should be made to improve the physical conditions and teaching quality of rural schools, guaranteeing greater access to high-quality educational resources including by upgrading network connectivity and exploiting the full potential of information technology. More financial and non-financial incentives should be given to rural teachers to encourage higher quality teaching.

Meanwhile, it is imperative to improve pre-school education, senior-high education, education for ethnic minority groups, special education and continuing education.

Premier Li also spoke of the need to improve the regional distribution of higher education institutes and academic systems, enabling them to produce greater numbers of high-quality professionals capable of innovation and equipped with practical skills. Higher education institutes need to place more focus on basic research, academic innovation and exploration of core technologies. Also, vocational education, school-enterprise partnerships and the social status of skilled professionals need greater recognition and support.

Premier Li urged stakeholders to further pursue reforms in educational governance, by giving greater autonomy to schools, reducing superfluous administrative evaluations and inspections, providing adequate guidance for the improvement of teaching quality, and helping to build a healthy academic environment. More social resources need to be mobilized to develop education whilst “Internet + Education” should be introduced to spur innovation. Measures should also be taken to attract more high-quality professionals to join the education sector and raise the social status of teachers.

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