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Strict observance of rules brings seamless cooperation

2018-05-10 15:37:00

Already rewarded with an array of trophies from numerous competitions, Zhu Bolin and Song Jiangjie, two young students majoring in numerical control at Hunan Industry Polytechnic, are now preparing for the National Vocational Students Skills Competition 2018. While Zhu specializes in computer programming, Song excels in machine tool operation. Together they form the dream team for “complex parts processing with multiple-axis computerized numerical control machines”.

These two young men started their pre-competition training early in October 2016, and have spent this time practicing together almost every day. Gradually they developed their own jargon to facilitate communication. They have also learnt to stand in each other’s shoes. For example, Zhu tries to fine-tune his programming in order to simplify SONG’s operation, while Song carefully adjusts the machining conditions to facilitate the computing process.

Mr. Ouyang Lingjiang, a guru in numerical control processing, is their tutor. He said, “High efficiency comes from seamless cooperation, and seamless cooperation between these two young men comes from their mutual trust. In all, this calls for strict observance of rules.” He went on to explain that design, programming, on-site processing and operation are the four most commonly seen types of work in modern large-scale manufacturing workshops. If workers don’t fully trust and cooperate with each other, things go wrong, which wastes precious time, money and resources. “Therefore, encouraging students to habitually observe established rules is a priority in our vocational school, whether for ordinary practice or for competition preparation.”

In the National Vocational Students Skills Competition, contestants are expected to use about 30 tools to undertake over 70 procedures, and measurements must be accurate to within 0.013mm. It usually takes a team two days or more to complete such a daunting task, but Zhu and Song only need 4 hours. The two students agree: “We know each procedure by heart and have practiced the skills required for each type of work. Our seamless cooperation comes from our mutual trust and respect, and from the fact that we follow each rule to the letter.”

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