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Nightingale nurses from Shandong Medical College organize volunteer services for community

2018-05-09 15:33:00

The second week of May is designated in China as Vocational Education Week. On May 6, a group of volunteer nurses, known as the "Nightingales," from Shandong Medical College visited the Xiuyuan Community in Jinan City, Shandong Province and offered health care services, as part of the celebrations of the 2018 Vocational Education Week and the upcoming World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day marked on May 8.

Led by Qin Zhaomin, a college teacher, the volunteers formed five groups to provide different specialized care services, such as blood pressure measurement, therapeutic massage, first aid demonstrations, medical knowledge dissemination, and health counselling services. Their diligence, patience and professionalism were warmly welcomed and unanimously praised by the community residents.

This volunteering event helped to raise health awareness and promote healthy life styles in the community. It was also a chance for the nursing students to practice their social and professional skills.

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