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Modern apprenticeships "with Chinese characteristics"

2018-04-27 14:18:00

The introduction of modern apprenticeships to China’s vocational education system is an experiment being piloted in accordance with the Decision of the State Council on Accelerating the Development of Modern Vocational Education, drawing on Western good practice in the field of apprenticeships in vocational education. Vocational schools and businesses serve as training grounds to help students acquire skills both in school and workplace settings to obtain the experience they need.

Since 2015, the MOE has piloted 364 modern apprenticeship projects for over 50,000 students in 600 programs in two phases, managed at local government level (19 projects), industry level (14 projects), business level (13 projects) or vocational education institution level (318 projects) to ensure smooth implementation. These leading organizations have contributed to the new initiative in different ways, through support policies and guarantees; implementation standards; effective implementation approaches, models and incentives; and talent training models and management systems.

In 2018, the MOE will launch the third batch of pilot projects, whilst conducting evaluations on the outcomes of the first series of projects in order to adjust policy accordingly and integrate best practices learnt into modern apprenticeships for future projects.

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