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Dialogue between vocational schools and enterprises

2018-04-27 14:12:00

Initiated by the national steering committees of vocational education for different industries, dialogues between vocational schools and enterprises (DVSEs) are geared to promote cooperation between vocational training providers and companies, focusing on various areas such as training models, curricula, employment and entrepreneurship, and international exchange and cooperation. Since 2011, hundreds of such dialogues have been organized, and have become an effective platform with wide recognition in the field of vocational education.

In 2017, a total of 25 DVSEs were held, attracting 4,100 participants from 1,500 enterprises and secondary vocational schools. They centered on national strategies such as raising China’s manufacturing competitiveness and the “Belt and Road” Initiative, with a view to servicing advanced manufacturing, modern service industry, rural rejuvenation and ageing services. During these dialogues, enterprises offered analysis and forecasts on new tendencies, policies and talent demand in their respective industries. The DVSE for tourism industry, for example, released the Study on Talent Demand and Training Models in the Hotel Industry. Vocational schools also shared good practices in technical talent training. For instance, the DVSE for machinery industry discussed models for training high quality technical talent for the new era; and the Sino-French Forum on Vocational Education for Modern Agriculture facilitated the sharing of views on introducing modern apprenticeships as a new training model.

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