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Establishment of national pedagogical standards system for vocational education

2018-04-27 14:20:00

As part of the ongoing efforts to improve vocational education in China, a national pedagogical standards system for vocational education with Chinese characteristics has been created, complete with catalogues of majors and programs, vocational teaching and curricula standards, standards for internship positions, specifications of specialized devices, and reports on talent demand. The new system serves as an important basis for vocational schools to better organize teaching and evaluate student performance. Specifically, it includes: two catalogues listing all the majors offered at secondary and higher vocational education institutions and related management methods; 230 vocational teaching standards for secondary vocational schools and 410 for vocational colleges; 9 teaching syllabuses for required courses for secondary vocational schools, and 9 for vocational colleges; internship standards for 136 majors; specifications for 19 categories of specialized instruments, talent demand forecasts for 60 industries, and guidance for vocational education institutions on the introduction of degree programs.

The new standards will allow stronger partnerships to be forged between educational authorities, industry, businesses, and institutions, based on the premise that success in vocational education relies heavily on strong alliances between industry and institutions. The new standards are expected to permit businesses to play a more prominent role in vocational education, by ensuring that institutions stay up to date with the latest technology and processes in use in industry, as well as indicating industry- specific requirements for their future graduates.

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