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Establishing educational reform frameworks

2018-06-26 08:51:00

• Promoting educational management through legislation

The amendments of the Laws on Education, on Higher Education, and on the Promotion of Privately-run Schools are now complete.

• Achieving a breakthrough in reforms to delegate power, streamline administration and optimize government services

The requirement to delegate power to provincial governments on 15 items for approval by departments of the Ministry of Education was cancelled, as well as all non-administrative approval items, 2 intermediary services for governmental approval and 11 educational administrative licensing items designated by the Central Government for implementation by local governments.

• Giving provincial government more power to coordinate education

In 2014, the National Leading Group for Reform in the Education System further expanded the provincial government power to coordinating educational development.

  Coordinating the reform, development, and stability of education;

  Coordinating the deepening of comprehensive educational reform;

  Coordinating action to ensure investment in education;

  Coordinating the balanced development of education in all its forms and at all levels;

  Coordinating development in education, the economy and society;

  Coordinating the modernization process of education in the regions.

• Deepening of reforms in examination and enrollment systems

The most systematic and comprehensive examination admissions reform was launched when higher education entrance examinations were resumed. 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) have developed their respective reform implementation plans for higher education entrance examinations. In 2017, Shanghai and Zhejiang took a leadership role in piloting new higher education entrance examinations.

• Building a modern university system with Chinese characteristics

Formulation and approval of charters of regular higher education institutions have been basically completed. The Ministry of Education approved the charters of 114 universities in 9 groups affiliated to central government departments till 2016.

• Strengthening of oversight systems

To strengthen the functions of administrative supervision, educational supervision as well as assessment and monitoring.

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