Huazhong University of Science and Technology: Cultivating special crops to provide a reliable source of income


Since accepting the mandate from the central government to help the Linxiang District of Lincang City in Yunnan reduce poverty, the Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST)has modified techniques for producing Pu’er tea and growing Herba Anoectochili. Great progress has been achieved in monetizing these new products, which are expected to help local farmers generate enough income to lift themselves out of poverty.

Identifying resource strengths. To help Linxiang reduce poverty, HUST first worked to identify resources that were uniquely competitive in the district. The university’s top management and expert teams made a number of field investigations in Linxiang, before settling on developing modified Pu’er tea and Herba Anoectochili as a potentially reliable source of income for local farmers.

Improving techniques and processes. HUST and the local government have established an expert operations center to provide technical support to poverty alleviation efforts. The University invested over 7 million RMB in developing hi-tech farming projects, providing fresh momentum to local economic growth. Currently, the new Pu’er tea fermented through a modified process has been introduced to the market under the trademark “Pure Pu’er,” while the improved Herba Anoectochili, under the trademark “Rain Mountain” has become an income-generating crop for local economy, with a higher survival rate and quality.

Developing a new industry. By lending intellectual support, HUST has helped create a pipeline of marketable farm produces in partnership with the local government and businesses. The Linxiang district government has found in Pure Pu’er and Rain Mountain Herba Anoectochili an effective solution to halt persistent poverty, and has been supporting farmers plant these two crops massively, using modern farming techniques transferred by HUST.