My Chinese New Year Stories

  • Spring Festival 2016 in Shanghai 2016-02-26

    This holiday I decided to travel to Shanghai since I had never been there before. The city is very beautiful and nice, there were a lot of Chinese tourists and the environment was warm and pleasant.

  • Overseas students help with holiday deliveries 2016-02-26

    Residents of some of China's biggest cities expecting parcels over the weeklong Spring Festival holiday may be surprised to see who one retail giant has hired to help out.

  • Celebrating Spring Festival in China 2016-02-29

    I feel lucky to talk about how international students celebrate Chinese New Year here. I don’t have much knowledge about the festival, but I do know that Spring Festival is one of China’s popular traditional holidays.

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There are a lot of oversea students celebrated Chinese New Year in different provinces in China. This special report seeks to encourage foreign students to experience the profound yet interesting Chinese culture and understand the huge achievements China has made.

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