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The inaugural meeting of the 7th National Steering Group on Educational Research Planning

2018-12-28 09:59:00

On December 25, the inaugural meeting of the 7th National Steering Group on Educational Research Planning (NSGERP) was held in Beijing. The meeting underscored the need to further enhance educational research in the new era while prioritizing planning with a view to speeding up the modernization of education, implementing the strategy for invigorating China through education, and delivering quality education that meets people’s needs. The meeting was hosted by Vice Minister of Education Tian Xuejun. Minister of Education Chen Baosheng attended the meeting and gave a speech.

Chen acknowledged the Steering Group’s remarkable achievements over the past 35 years since its establishment in providing policy advice, developing new theories, raising public awareness and highlighting best practices, for the development and promotion of education science and educational reform.

Chen also underlined the importance of sound planning in resource mobilization and allocation, as well as encouraging innovation. He laid out eight specific guidelines for the Steering Group, requiring it to:

i.Study the significant theoretical and practical issues concerning China’s educational reform under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era;

ii.Raise the quality of educational research and provide better services;

iii.Make rational judgements on current challenges and future trends in the field of education;

iv.Map out strategic plans and provide policy tools for educational reform;

v.Emphasize academic integrity and improve evaluation criteria for scientific research;

vi.Design evidence-based educational research plans focusing on methodology, and promote interdisciplinary research;

vii.Offer sound guidance on teaching practices, and foster an environment conducive to producing more high-quality researchers; and

viii.Play a better leadership role through planning in educational research.

Chen added that issues such as high-quality development of education and the relationship between education and demographic structure should be prioritized.

Tian tabled a series of recommendations for future work of the Steering Group. He stressed that in carrying out its mandates, it should attach great importance to planning while improving management and services.

Established in 1983, the NSGERP is a decision body of the MOE responsible for educational research planning at national level. The 7th NSGERP consists of 25 members, chaired by Minister Chen with Vice Minister Tian as vice chair.

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