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Inaugural session of Steering Committee for Guidance in Teaching in Higher Educations Institutions 2018-2022 held in Beijing

2018-11-04 11:15:00

On November 1, the inaugural session of the Steering Committee for Guidance in Teaching in Higher Education Institutions 2018-2022 was held in Beijing. Minister Chen Baosheng attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He urged the committee to prioritize the revitalization of China’s four-year college education system in its work, so that it would play a greater role in producing well-rounded graduates fully equipped to contribute to the country’s socialist development programs.

The minister thanked members of the committee for their work in providing guidance in education. Noting that college education was central to the nation’s ability to cultivate a highly skilled talent pool, he emphasized that the MOE had introduced a range of targeted measures and policies for higher education through a series of meetings, with a view to reinvigorating China’s four-year college education system. He noted with satisfaction the consensus and momentum generated at those meetings, and underscored the initial success achieved by these reforms.

Chen identified five measures as being pivotal to transforming the face of China’s college education. First, revitalizing the four-year college education system needed to be made a constant priority for China’s current higher education reforms. Second, the main goal and mission for higher education institutions needed to be to properly equip new graduates with the knowledge and skills required for the new era. Third, teachers had to hone their teaching skills to be more effective in the transmission of their knowhow and wisdom. Fourth, quality learning resources and well-designed assignments needed to be made available to students, to ensure that their efforts and hard work were repaid with the acquisition of a solid and relevant grounding in their field of study. Fifth, the existing teaching and performance evaluation systems had to be reformed.

Vice Minister Lin Huiqing, who served as the meeting’s moderator, read out the Notice on Setting up the Steering Committee for Teaching in Higher Educations Institutions 2018-2022, and awarded letters of appointment to the chairpersons of the 111 steering commissions.

Lin urged the committee to play a constructive role in informing the existing reform to higher education as an advisory, steering and oversight organization. She specifically referred to a number of tasks that the committee needed to examine as a matter of urgency, such as preparing national standards for teaching quality, developing updated curricula, increasing teacher accountability, and creating a sober learning environment for students.

Over 1,600 participants attended the session, including chairpersons and vice-chairpersons, secretaries-general, and members of the 111 steering commissions. The committee is composed of 5,500 members, including 111 chairpersons, 710 vice chairpersons and 3,611 members.

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