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Elevating poverty alleviation and aid work to a new level

2018-06-09 08:43:00

On May 31, the 2018 meeting for the promotion of poverty alleviation and aid work undertaken by the MOE’s affiliated higher education institutions (HEIs) and other organizations was held in Kunming, Yunnan Province. Participants reviewed the work carried out by these institutions and organizations in implementing poverty relief projects, including the sending of aid workers and officials to poor areas to support local efforts, and outlined plans for follow up missions. Hosted by Sun Yao, Vice Minister of Education, the meeting was attended by Chen Baosheng, Minister of Education and Ou Qingping, Vice Director of the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development.

Minister Chen spoke highly of the achievements made by the MOE’s affiliated HEIs and other organizations in 2017 in poverty alleviation and aid work. He said that their efforts had contributed to reducing poverty in designated poor counties thanks to the dispatch of officials, experts and skilled workers to support education and relevant industries.

He also stressed the key levers required to elevate poverty alleviation and aid work to a new level: a sense of responsibility among those leading missions, and strong action to match stated commitments, rising to concrete challenges and producing tangible results. The minister underscored the effort that still needed to be invested, in order to find solutions that would eliminate extreme poverty and prevent the intergenerational transmission of poverty, e.g. designing favorable policies, cultivating profitable industries suited to local conditions and training skilled workers to produce a wide range of products and services to add diversify to local markets. HEIs needed to offer targeted support to designated counties by identifying focal areas and mobilizing resources accordingly. They and other affiliated organizations needed to send outstanding young talent to the frontline of the “poverty relief battle” while giving them necessary guidance and assistance.

Ou also stressed strong leadership, targeted support and focus on extreme poverty. He advocated innovation in poverty relief methods, and suggested that HEIs should give full play to their resources in scientific and technological research and talent training. He stated that his office would actively cooperate with the MOE in poverty alleviation through education and targeted aid.

A feature film was screened at the meeting, and representatives from several affiliated universities and organizations gave speeches on their work in poverty alleviation and aid. Three officials from the MOE also delivered speeches on their aid work in Tibet, Xinjiang and Yunnan respectively.

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