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Fifth IFIE to explore new strategic directions in developing higher education with Chinese characteristics for the new era

Source: China Education Daily

On May 17, the 5th International Forum on Industry & Education (IFIE) opened in Zhumadian City, Henan Province. Co-hosted by the MOE National Center for School Development, the China Vocational Education Association (CVEA) and the Association of Universities (Colleges) of Applied Science, and coordinated by the Zhumadian Municipal Government and Huanghuai University, the forum gathered over 780 participants of 20 government agencies, 245 higher education institutions, 120 leading enterprises, 22 scientific research institutions and 24 civil society organizations from 13 countries. Chen Changzhi, Vice Chairman of the 12th National People’s Congress Standing Committee and Director General of the CVEA, attended the opening ceremony.

Themed “developing universities rooted into Chinese land” and “new accomplishments of integration of industry and education in the new era”, the 2018 forum was designed to help Chinese colleges and universities explore new strategic development paths to meet people’s needs and serve national strategies, while focusing on several topics such as the modernization of industry systems, rural revitalization strategies, new types of urbanization, and supply of human resources.

The MOE Vice Minister Sun Yao stated at the opening ceremony that, “developing universities rooted into Chinese land” was a specific requirement for China’s higher education put forward by President Xi Jinping. Universities teaching applied science should foster strong partnerships between industry and education while continuing implementation of higher education reform by drawing on the experience from international cases and adapting to socio-economic developments. He stressed that these universities needed to further cooperate and coordinate to harness synergies, while on the demand side, industry had to play a more central role in expanding industry-education partnerships. In response to the requests of the MOE, local educational divisions, enterprises and vocational colleges have been urged to follow President Xi’s guidance in the course of their work to contribute more to the modernization of education, added Sun.