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MOE releases education spending statistics for 2017

2018-05-10 08:16:00

Recently, the MOE has released preliminary statistics on China’s education spending for 2017, as follows:

I. Overall spending nationwide 

In 2017, China’s spending on education totaled RMB 4,255.7 billion, marking a year-on-year increase of 9.43%. Public funding from government finances, government-managed funds, private businesses running schools in partnership with the government, school-run businesses, and not-for-profit organizations, among others, amounted to RMB 3,420.4 billion, up 8.94% over the previous year. 

II. Spending by level of education

The distribution of education spending among different levels of education is as follows: 

(1) Preschool: RMB 325.5 billion, marking an increase of 16.11% year on year.

(2) Primary school and junior high school: RMB 1,935.8 billion, up 9.96% over the previous year.

(3) Senior high school: RMB 663.7 billion, up 7.82% over the previous year, including RMB 231.9 billion on secondary vocational school education, an year-on-year increase of 4.33%. 

(4) Higher education: RMB 1,110.9 billion, up 9.72% over the previous year, including RMB 202.3 billion on tertiary vocational school, a year-on-year increase of 10.16%. 

(5) Spending on other education came up to RMB 219.8 billion, marking a decrease of 0.13% from the previous year. 

III.    Spending per student

China’s spending per student across all levels of education in 2017 is as follows:

(1) Preschool: RMB 9,770, an increase of 13.21% year on year.  

(2) Elementary school: RMB 12,177, up 6.82%.

(3) Junior high school: RMB 17,547, up 9.60%.

(4) Senior high school: RMB 18,575, up 10.70%.

(5) Secondary vocational school: RMB 18,364, up 8.11%.

(6) Higher education: RMB 33,481, up 9.75%. 

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