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MOE introduces Methods for Promoting Cooperation between Vocational Schools and Enterprises

2018-05-03 08:47:00

MOE held a press conference to introduce and explain its work relating to Methods for Promoting Cooperation between Vocational Schools and Enterprises [Photo/ZHANG Jinsong]

On the afternoon of April 27, the MOE held a press conference to introduce and explain its work relating to Methods for Promoting Cooperation between Vocational Schools and Enterprises, which was recently published in association with five other ministries and departments. The press conference was also used to introduce the upcoming 2018 Vocational Education Week. The press briefing was hosted by the MOE spokeswoman XU Mei and attended by XIE Li, Vice Director of the MOE’s Vocational and Adult Education Department; TIAN Fuyuan, Vice Director of the MOE’s Development Planning Department; FAN Hailin, Vice Director of the MOE’s Higher Education Department; MIAO Muyang, Member of the National Steering Committee on Vocational Education for Tourism; and DAI Yuwei, President of Tianjin Light Industry Vocational Technical College.

According to Xie, the Methods were an institutional framework for vocational school-enterprise cooperation which established guiding principles, forms, promotional measures and supervision. He added that, following the guidelines, the MOE would launch an action plan to establish over 1,000 pilot projects in 100 cities of 10 provinces, to further propel the integration of vocational education and business. Xie also introduced the overall planning of and preparations for the 2018 Vocational Education Week.

Tian gave a briefing on the transformation of some local colleges towards a more "applied" education approach. He stated that these transformations, as called for by central government, aimed at training technical talent that can immediately contribute to the local economy and cultivating entrepreneurship among students. To date, over 20 provinces had released relevant documents, providing policy support for colleges on aspects such as decentralization, training programs, enrolment plans and teacher recruitment.

Fan presented the measures aimed at helping colleges achieve better integration between education and industry while deepening college-enterprise cooperation. He said that last year, his department initiated a project for creating new majors in emerging fields, which had already led to the approval of a series of IT-focused majors, including smart manufacturing, smart medical engineering, smart construction, and big data management and applications. Since 2010, the MOE has joined 22 government departments and 7 industry associations in implementing the "excellent engineer training program". To date, 208 universities across the country had participated in the program, involving 1,257 bachelor's degree programs and 514 master's degree programs and covering 260,000 students. These universities altogether had recruited 24,000 engineers from corporations to serve as part-time faculty members, and had sent over 10,000 faculty members to receive on-site training in companies, while 626 engineering student practice centers had been established in cooperation with over 10,000 companies.

Later at the press conference, Miao introduced cooperation schemes linking vocational schools and the tourism industry.

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