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195 teachers selected to the “Ten Thousand Talent Program”

2018-04-01 10:54:00

The Ministry of Education announced that 195 teachers had been selected to participate in the third cohort of the “Ten Thousand Talent Program for Prestigious Teachers”, and that central government funding would provide each of the recruits a grant of 500,000 RMB. The program is a national-level scheme aimed at supporting prestigious teachers who have made notable achievements in teaching and research. It plans to recruit a total of 1,000 teachers, while close to 200 have already participate in the first two cohorts of the program.

Of the 195 recruits, 117 come from higher education institutes, and 78 from secondary-level or lower education institutes, including elementary schools, junior and senior high schools, secondary vocational schools, kindergarten and special education institutes. The average age of the recruits is 53. They come from 32 different provincial-level regions of the country. The program covers 13 disciplines, including science, engineering and literature, as well as disciplines such as science education and education for the blind and deaf which are taught in the secondary-level or lower education institutes.

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