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First China-EU Education Ministers Conference held in Beijing


The first China-EU Education Ministers Conference was held in Beijing on Oct 11. Ambassadors and education ministry representatives shared different countries’ educational policies and measures and exchanged ideas over cooperation at a deeper level.

There were four main agendas in this conference -- expanding cooperation channels between universities and enterprises, credit transfer systems, improving education quality and strengthening university PE education exchanges.

Participants agreed that the cultivation of innovation ability and entrepreneurship is a key element in education. And to make educational systems more internationalized, being flexible and open is helpful in solving social problems.

Chen Baosheng, China’s education minister, presented the Chinese experience, saying that it’s advisable to deepen reform to instill innovation and entrepreneurship in university education to inject impetus into international cooperation.

It’s necessary to advance a credit transfer system to increase the number of exchange students and create more opportunities for bilateral cooperation, Chen said.

In speaking about cooperation programs, Chen said that China will sort out suggestions from participants and elaborate cooperation programs with Europe members in a spirit of good communication. It will then implement appropriate suggestions.

He also expressed his wishes to carry out practical cooperation with other members to jointly serve Sino-European talent cultivation, economic growth, social prosperity and stable and healthy Sino-European relationships.