Football training programs blossom in schools


On June 25-26, the MOE Information Office organized a series of interviews for a number of kindergartens and schools in Haimen, Jiangsu Province, to see how physical education reforms are being translated into practice, as part of a communications campaign entitled, “Education Endeavor 1+1”. Representatives from the MOE were greeted with an encouraging scene: football training programs at elementary education level have multiplied since the launch of the Campus Football Promotion Initiative, and the young football players in the schools showed great potential as they practiced under the careful guidance of Chinese and foreign coaches.

Hainan Kindergarten in Haimen: a child practices kicking a ball into a tent, watched by a circle of classmates. [Photo/Xie Yinan]

Hainan Primary School in Haimen: an engrossed pupil practices dribbling under the close watch of his coach. [Photo/Xie Yinan]

Hainan Primary School in Haimen: a Brazilian football coach known by his Chinese name Jin Yong gives an interview. His role is to teach football tactics to local coaches.[Photo/Xie Yinan]

Football match between a Grade 9 team and a Joint Grades 7 and 8 team, as part of the year-end graduation ceremony at Hainan Junior High School in Haimen. [Photo/Xie Yinan]

No. 3 Youth Football Training Center in Haimen: 7th and 8th graders practice chesting under the guidance of their coaches.[Photo/Xie Yinan]

No.2 Youth Football Training Center in Haimen: 6th grade twin sisters practice heading, under the guidance of their coach.[Photo/Xie Yinan]