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International students discover China’s tea culture

2018-04-11 14:29:00

On April 7, a group of international students studying at Jiangsu University, from Russia, Ghana and other countries, visited the Linyin Tea Expo Garden in Guantangqiao Village, Zhenjiang City. Guided by local farmers, they learnt to pick tea leaf shoots, watched how tea leaves were processed and got a first-hand taste of China’s tea culture.

International students learn to pick the first spring growth of tea leaves under the careful guidance of local farmers. [Photo/SHI Yucheng; ZHENG Wei]

International students present their freshly picked tea leaves. [Photo/SHI Yucheng; ZHENG Wei]

A tea ceremony instructor explains the steps of tea processing to international students. [Photo/SHI Yucheng; ZHENG Wei]

The tea ceremony instructor shows how to make the perfect cup of tea with spring-harvested tea leaves. [Photo/SHI Yucheng; ZHENG Wei]

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