Canadian guests learn classic Chinese theatrical art


On April 3, some 20 high school students and teachers from the Golden Hills School Division in Ontario, Canada visited the Taoyuan Central Elementary School in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province. During their stay with the Little Cuckoo Peking Opera Troupe, they communicated and exchanged ideas with local student performers and learnt to sing Peking Opera under the guidance of professional teachers, making the most of this unique opportunity to get a glimpse behind the scenes of this fascinating art.

A Peking Opera teacher instructs Canadian students and teachers on movements for a performance.[Photo/Shi Yucheng]

A Peking Opera teacher applies performance make-up on a Canadian student.[Photo/Shi Yucheng]

Canadian students and teachers take a selfie with student performers of the Little Cuckoo Peking Opera Troupe.[Photo/Shi Yucheng]

Local students perform an excerpt of the play “Silang Visits His Mother” for the visiting students and teachers.[Photo/Shi Yucheng]

Canadian students and teachers tour the Little Cuckoo Peking Opera Troupe.[Photo/Shi Yucheng]